Street art – From art to the penis drawings

Street art - From art to the penis drawings

For creative artists, a canvas may not be enough to express their limitless imagination. The entire world is their canvas and they can cleverly turn almost anything into works of art. These street artists can paint anything from an absolute work of art to girls giving mind-blowing mamadas. The beauty of street art is you can’t control it.

A good example of this is a Russian artist who goes around creating works of art on dusty cars that he finds on the street. His name is Nikita Golubev and he can’t stop vandalizing cars… in a good way.

Golubev and his unique street art

Whenever Golubev locates a dusty automobile, he can’t help but release his creativity. He creates outstanding images of animals, flowers, sex-related motifs, and fictional characters by utilizing dust as well as dirt pigments.

As a result of his unusual option of the canvas, his dirty auto art has actually been identified on social networks. He has a very popular Instagram page where he goes by the name Proboynick.

So, if you’re staying in Moscow, you far better not wash your car. Golubev might stumble upon your car and turn it right into an unbelievable artwork. And when it does, you may also not intend to wash your automobile ever before once more.

There are bad examples of street art

Bad examples of street art usually involve someone drawing penises anywhere they want to. Like when you were in school and with every passing month, you could see new penises drawn on the sides of the school building. Those are bad examples of street art.

Surprisingly in some cases, drawing penises can help your community. There have been reported cases of street artists drawing penises on potholes so that the government would finally fix them.

Crazy but it actually worked, although the artists got in trouble with the law.

Drawing with penises

Humanity has attained a great deal in the past 2,000 years. We have actually explored every continent, painted masterpieces as well as also arrived on the Moon. 

Yet in spite of this sense of development, some things remain unmodified, most especially the wish to draw penises everywhere.

Archeologists discovered Roman graffiti near Hadrian’s Wall in the UK that depicts a phallus as well as testicles. The R-rated doodle was carved into the wall at a sandstone quarry by soldiers who were performing repair works at Hadrian’s Wall.

It’s very easy to presume the penis was drawn to be amusing or provocative, however, the phallus was actually a “good luck” icon to the Romans. 

As a matter of fact, most towns under the Roman Empire were not unfamiliar people with rude graffiti, unclean jokes, as well as penis artwork.